Academic Building

The Academic Building of Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College has been designed nicely. This building works as the centre of all educational activities of the college. Besides 12 classrooms, three laboratories, one modern gallery, one well equipped ICT lab, Sheikh Russel Digital lab, and one language lab  are present here. To flourish and nurture the co-curricular skills of the cadets, well decorated Birsrestho Mostofa Kamal Auditorium is attached with this building. The central library of the college named Shahid Hamidur Rahman Library with 16500 books is also included in this building at the second floor to provide ample scopes for the cadets to gather vast knowledge of different fields. For engineering lessons and activities, there is a workshop. In fact, all kinds of activities regarding knowledge and skill of the cadets are done centering this Academic block.


Established: 1982

House motto: Work is Life .            

House color: Blue

Meaning of the name: Well Behaviour

Symbol: Auspicious Lamp


Established: 1982

House motto: Know Thyself.            

House color: Green

Meaning of the name: Truth

Symbol: Lightening Candle



Established: 1982

House motto: Know Thyself.            

House color: Red

Meaning of the Name: Peace

Symbol: Pigeon


P.T/Parade Ground

There is a large PT/Parade ground in the Mymensingh Girls' cadet college where the cadets exercise PT/Parade, drill every morning as a part of elementary military training.  Here inter house PT, drill and basketball competitions are taken place.

Play Ground

The play ground of the Mymensingh Girls' cadet college is enlarged having good scenarie. This play ground is arranged for cricket, volley ball, handball and laun tennis court with a nice view. Cadets play games every day afternoon in this ground maintaining their physical fitness and also make the sportsmanlike behaviors.

Athletics Ground

There is a big play ground with natural beauty for games and sports of the cadets in the Mymensingh Girls' cadet college. A part of the play ground is arranged for athletics ground with eye-catching view during the annual sports competitions of the college. Here 400m circular tracks and 100m linear tracks are made for the inter–house Athletics competition of the cadets every year. To conduct the field events necessary measure is taken in different points. The athletes are to take part in the many events following the rules and regulations of the Olympic Games.