College History



       History of Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College


Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College was established on 01 June 1982 covering 27.37 acres of land in the heart of Mymensingh town. It was the first girls' cadet college that came into being on the inheritance of Residential Model School (RMS). The aim of establishing the Girls' Cadet College was to spread quality education among the young meritorious girls with a view to making them all round potential citizen to qualify defense as well as civil services. after the admission tests for Class VIII, IX and X which were held at the very outset of the year 1983, the young girl cadets for the classes of VIII, IX and X walked into the first ever Girls' Cadet College on 29 March 1983. First  admission test for class VII was held on 12 February 1983. On 29 May 1983 the first batch of class VII was inducted in Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College. However, the admission test for the cadets of Class XI was held on 6 August 1983 and they joined the college on 10 September 1983. The first Principal and project director was Capt. (Rtd) Karim Uddin Ahmad. First Vice Principal, Mr Ashraf Ali, joined on 18 October 1982 and the first Adjutant Capt (later Major) Monower joined on 07 August 1982. The College has run all the way since 1982 with its motto. "Oh lord Enhance my knowledge".


Daily Life Of The Cadets Of M.G.C.C

As Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College is an exclusively residential institution, it is assumed that special efforts will be made to devise a worthwhile daily schedule for Cadets during the term. The purpose of such a daily schedule is to indicate broadly the orientation that is required for the physical and mental development of Cadets according to the demand of time. The details of the daily schedule will determine their involvement in different activities of the day within the time frame from 0530 hrs to 2245 hrs.

The following activities are mandatory for them: 

a. PT for 30 minutes in all weekdays other than days specified for parade and holidays. JSC, SSC & HSC candidates would be exempted from the same one month prior to the start of their exams.

b. Parade for 30 minutes on every Saturday and Wednesday except holiday. Principal’s parade will take place on 1st Saturday of the month. SSC & HSC candidates would be exempted from one month prior to the start of exam.

c. College Assembly for 15 minutes on 2nd Saturday of the month.

d. House Assembly for 15 minutes on every Tuesday.

e. Form Meeting for 15 minutes, on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday of the week.

f. Formal schooling and learning for about 280 minutes on all workdays.

g. Meal timings from breakfast to dinner – 100 minutes every day.

h. Afternoon rest for at least 60 minutes every day.

j. Free time / Self study about 30-40 minutes.

k. Extra drill for 30 minutes during games time.

l. Compulsory games time 40-45 minutes for junior group and 50-60 minutes for senior group in the afternoon on all weekdays except Thursday and holidays. Optional games may be played on Friday / holiday morning and afternoon.    

m. Club / Society activities for 60 minutes during games time on 1st Thursdays of the month.

n. Mughrib prayer for 20 minutes every day.

p. Lesson preparation for 160 to 180 minutes in two/three shifts.

q. House Inspection by the Principal on 3rd Thursday of the month.

r. House Inspection by the House Masters on 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month. If Principal’s Inspection does not take place, it will be replaced by House Master’s Inspection. 

s. Film show/Cultural evening; once a week on Thursday evening.

t. College Stage Competition (CSC) during 6th and 7th periods on Thursday of the week.

u. Reading facilities at College Library / House Reading Room on workdays during free time.

v. Reading facilities at House Reading Room on holidays.

w. Letter writing hour after breakfast every Friday.

x. Sleeping time at night minimum for 6 hours.