Principal's Message

Established in the land of Maimansingha Gitika, nesting on the basin of the mighty Brahmaputra, Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College, the pioneer Girls’ Cadet College of Bangladesh, has a rich history of smart, prestigious and quality presence in the education sector of Bangladesh. The college started her journey on 01 June 1982 with an aim to spread quality education among young meritorious girls with a view to make them disciplined, balanced and well-groomed citizens of the country.


Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College prides herself on the quality of her educational and co-curricular activities, the professionalism of her teachers and staffs, and the enthusiasm and achievements of her Cadets. The College is committed to give the best possible care to the Cadets, so that they can live in a congenial and familial atmosphere with modern amenities and equipment. In addition to quality education, the college has various sports and cultural programs which make our cadets mentally and physically strong. To nurture the cadets into a complete human being, MGCC leaves no stones unturned.


Our devoted cadets have earned remarkable success in public examinations, different admission tests like Medical, Engineering, Public Universities and Armed Forces.They have enviable success in various national and international competitions including ICCLMM, IGCCS&DM, and Olympiads etc. The success of MGCC has paved the way of establishing other Cadet Colleges for girls in Bangladesh. With the motto, “Oh Lord, Enhance My Knowledge”, the college will remain as a lighthouse for the young girls aspiring excellence and guide them towards success in days to come.

Commander M Ismail Arman, (S), afwc, psc, BN, Principal, MGCC

Admission Paper 2022

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Viva And Practical -10th To 20th Grade

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Written Test Result - 10th To 20th Grade

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Important Notice For Recruitment

Important notice for recruitment (10th to 20th grade) - 2021   View


Important Notice For Recruitment -2021

Important notice for recruitment (10th to 20th grade) -2021   View


Noc Of Kanij Sharmin

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Noc Of Anissur Rahman

NOC of Anissur Rahman   View


Noc Of Ziaur Rahman

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Noc Of Salma Akter

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Noc Of Mr. Md. Sadekur Rahman

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Inter House Basketball Competition - 2019


Champion House - Shanti House Runner-up House - Sadachar House  View

Inter House Bangla Poetry Recitation Competition


Champion House : Sattya House Runner-up House: Sadachar House   View

Inter House Badminton Competition - 2019


This year Inter House badminton Competition - 2019, Sattya house became Champion, Sadachar became 2nd and Shanti became 3rd Position. View

Inter House Novices Drill Competition - 2018


In Inter House Novices Drill Competition - 2018, Sattya house became Champion, Sadachar and Shanti became runner up combinedly. View

Inter House English Debate Competition - 2018


In Inter House English Debate Competition - 2018, Sadachar became champion, Sattya and Shanti became runner up combinedly. View

Recent Achievement

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Academic Achievement

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